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The Seeker is a self made short film made entirely in Unreal Engine 4.

Most of the assets comes from free collections, they have been assembled and combined to create an animation short film based on realtime technology. All the characters animations have been done with motion capture technology.

The film has been created during the "Unreal for Filmmakers Challenge" where 100 filmmakers from several horizons had to use Unreal Engine to create their own story. 
The Seeker ends at the fourth place and win an honourable mention. 


The goal behind this project was to test Unreal Engine which is a video game software into a film production environment, to see how the software behave and what result can be achieved with it.

Most important, all the elements used in this movie are in free access, which means that anyone can create similar things from home!

My goal is to promote a new way of creating animation movies with the help of realtime technology.


My name is Loïc Scalbert, I am a belgian realtime filmmaker and an Unreal Engine Specialist.
I love to tell amazing stories and being involved in all of their aspects.

With the emergence of realtime technologies, the border between cinematic filmmaking and video games is thinner than ever.

Those two worlds are colliding and it is the most perfect time to start using all those technologies to build amazing universes and tell great stories!

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